What are Dog Seizures, and How to Prepare for Them?

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Seizures are one of the most common neurological conditions reported in dogs. Nothing can be worse for a puppy parent than watching their furry pet experiencing a seizure and being unable to stop it. 

A seizure could be a one-time thing or occur recurrently. Recurring seizures are indicative of serious health issues and hence should be concerning. Contact your vet if your puppy had a seizure, even if it was only for the first time, as early intervention can help resolve the issue sooner.

Your vet might run required medical tests to confirm the condition and chart out a treatment plan to set your canine on the path of health and wellness. At the same time, consider being prepared with pet insurance NZ so you don’t need to take undue financial stress during dire health situations and emergencies.

Puppy insurance covers a little pupper’s testing and treatment costs during accidents, injuries, sickness, and much more, depending on the level of cover chosen. Contemplate purchasing a policy so getting quality medical assistance need not be a significant financial trouble in challenging times of health.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn about seizures and what to do if your puppy has a seizure. 

Knowing seizures

A seizure most likely occurs when a canine’s brain activity level changes. This is precisely why seizures are often seen when a puppy gets excited, falls asleep, or wakes from sleep. The puppy may behave completely normal in between seizures, though.

On the flip side, epilepsy is a medical disorder characterized by frequent seizure episodes. They might occur singly, incessantly, at regular intervals, or abruptly. Idiopathic epilepsy is another variation, of which the causes are unknown. 

Renal dysfunction, liver disorders, poisoning, brain trauma, and tumors are other health conditions that can trigger seizures.

What to do if your puppy has a seizure?

If your fur companion has had a seizure in the past, recognizing the signs leading up to an actual seizure is pretty easy. Although you can hardly do anything to stop a seizure once it occurs, a lot can be done to safeguard your pup from harming itself.

Firstly, consider staying away from its mouth to avoid being bitten. However, if it seems safe, slowly move towards your dog, carry it, and take it away from nearby objects. It is advisable not to put anything into your puppy’s mouth as it will not be able to bite its tongue.

Closely monitor your furry baby after a seizure and reassure it with your calm voice and gentle petting. Note that if you panic, your little pet will pick up the vibes and get stressed out too. 

Pay attention to the seizure duration because anything longer than five minutes is considered fatal; seek emergency care in such a case. Regardless of the cause, seizures can be less/more severe; consider meeting your vet for the best treatment to resolve your little pupper’s health issues.

Anticonvulsants will mostly be recommended, and you may be asked to continue the prescription for life. Pet insurance in NZ can help with unplanned vet costs for covered health conditions and medical emergencies, so contemplate buying a policy. With puppy insurance, you may not have to be worried about the finances involved, at least.


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