How To Organize A Small Home

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Living in a small home can be challenging. Whether you don’t have a lot of pantry space, or you know that you were getting jipped out of closet space even while moving in, there are Just because you live in a small home does not mean that there are no good organizing solutions to keep it tidy. You just have to get creative and utilize the resources you have to get on the right track. 

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Utilize Vertical Space

Utilizing unused vertical space is one of the most popular ways to organize your possessions in a small home. You can keep your shoes off the floor by hanging up an over the door shoe organizer. Hang up a few command hooks to store your keys, hats, jewelry, and other small items on the wall. You can even place an over the door organizer rack featuring hooks to store anything you need for getting out the door daily like your purse, sunglasses, and your outfit for the day. 

In your bathroom, affix command hooks to the inside of your bathroom cabinet and hang a small basket. This can be used to hold hair styling tools, extra rolls of toilet paper and so much more. Implement this same hack for your kitchen cabinet to store extra sponges, dish soap, and the like. 

Store Things Under Your Bed

Under the bed organizers are popular to store items such as out-of-season clothes, extra blankets and sheets, or even supplies for your favorite hobby. If you would prefer your shoe to be out of sight and not hanging on the back of one of your doors, you can use an under the bed shoe organizer to keep them contained. 

Invest In Dual-Purpose Furniture

Furniture with two or more purposes can keep your home looking physically nice and routinely organized all at once. Grab an ottoman to store books, shoes, coloring books, or other miscellaneous items that can also double as lounging solutions in your living room. A bench ottoman can be for sitting on to relax or you can put your feet up on a square ottoman when sitting on the couch. 

One In, One Out Rule

A small home can only hold so much. Make sure that your safe space doesn’t get overrun with too much clutter by implementing the one in, one out rule. If you get a new pot and pan set, donate or discard the old one. If you get a new piece of clothing such as a T-Shirt, donate or repurpose another T-Shirt you don’t wear much anymore in your drawer. Old T-Shirts make great cleaning rags if you consider the repurposing route. 

It’s Time To Get Organized Today!

Organizing a small home takes some time to do and some creativity for planning it out, but it can be done! Let us know how you plan on revamping organization solutions in your small home to inspire others who are having trouble finding the best ways to get it done. Happy organizing!


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