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The beginning of a new year is a good time to evaluate and plan for any changes you are going to make in your homes. The furniture designs dominating in 2023 are surprising and a comeback of the 60s and 70s. Although trends do reemerge these have come back after a long time and will be seen in houses in the coming year. Read on to know more about the trends.

  1. Brown shades and tints – This earthy classic is set to make a comeback, especially the darker tones. A modern sofa, a modular dressing table, and so on will be seen in houses more often. These varieties of brown have a calming effect. If you are looking to revamp the look of your home, you can go for a bulky sofa or a sleek one based on your preference. The tones of brown can be used starting from the walls to the rugs or carpets. 
  2. Glass furniture – Glass is a timeless piece of marvel that gives a sophisticated or upscale feel to a place. It makes the space look classy in a subtle way without overdoing it. You can expect to see glass furniture everywhere this year. Coloured glass or glass with a metallic touch can transform a room completely. 
  3. Layered textures – Layering was a popular concept way before 2023. However, the exaggerated versions of layering can be seen now. From felt to chunky knitted rugs or throw, the spectrum of what you can layer has changed dramatically. These will be seen more and will be used instead of eye-catching furniture pieces to keep it interesting. The textured fabrics are also layers in themselves when paired gracefully. For example, a felt sofa may have jute cushions. Along with a chunky knitted throw. The rugs can be tufted and overlapped too. These indulgent layers are going to make homes warmer and more welcoming. 
  4. Pastels – If you are a person who likes a vibrant home, then this trend is for you. For those who do not like the monotony of brown tones, Danish pastels are going to make the home brighter. Incorporate this playful trend in your home to keep it light and bright. Pastels are a great aesthetic for trying with furniture, especially in the bedroom.  A good bedroom wardrobe design especially in pastel can soften the place while keeping it youthful and fresh. Fluted, flowing edges will also catch on in the coming year.
  5. Flashy details – Accent pillows and furniture were seen in the past years as well. However, the coming year will see the trend of including flashy details in one room itself. The inclusion of a lot of flashy elements like a popping pattern, an over-the-top pillow, an oversized art piece, and so on. These can be fun and dramatic twists in a room. At the same time, when there are many such pieces in the room, it can tie the room together and make it look amazing. 

The trends may continue to change but these small details can truly make a big difference. Add charm to your home by redoing thrifted pieces and restoring vintage items. Sprinkle cool objects all over the room to make the best of the opportunity. The overall aesthetic of your home is dominated by the smaller decisions you make that build up to the bigger picture. Evaluate the space and furniture you have and find out how you can fit these trends into your homes!


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