5 Reasons Why the House Seems Uncomfortable and How to Fix It

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Imposed stereotypes about the formation of home coziness are shattered when the owners have absolutely no desire to spend time in their own living space, even while being with their families or playing a funny Buffalo King slot online. The interior doesn’t evoke warm feelings, there is no desire to linger in the apartment, but there is a persistent feeling of readiness to leave it at any moment. There may be many reasons for this phenomenon, and we present to your attention the main ones.

The Lack of Textile

No matter in what style the elaboration of your interior is made, the small amount of textiles is sure to destroy any attempt to create comfort. Minimalist and elaborate designs will sound equally hungry and empty without enough manufactures in it.

To appreciate the oppressive feeling of unsettled living space, it will be enough to look at the volume of textures in each of the rooms. It’s unnecessary to pile the furniture with a mountain of all sorts of plaids and cushions, it’s necessary to increase the variety of textures in the room. If a percentage of textiles gets lost against the furniture and walls, you’re getting close to a solution. Think through your textile scenario, implement it, and look around again.

Don’t forget unobtrusive details like a plaid to snuggle up with while watching a movie, cozy sofa cushions or a chic tablecloth on the table.

Bare Walls

Another maximally common problem that causes unpleasant feelings while staying in an apartment is the presence of blank walls. Even in apartments with a minimalist design solution, they are perceived not as a style approach, but as an incomplete work.

Fill in the blank walls. Depending on the interior, this can be done with various posters, portraits, or paintings. The main thing is that such a solution would reflect the owners’ perception of the world, show their inner state.

A set of two or three miniature picture frames wouldn’t fill the void of a bare wall. Complement it with thematic pictures or a large number of pictures. The use of large frames is also acceptable. An alternative solution in the form of neon inscriptions, panels, accent wall paintings will successfully save the situation. On the wall you can place small shelves with unobtrusive decor. Decorating the room, don’t forget to connect the stylistic solutions with specific functional areas.

Unfortunate Arrangement of Furniture

The traditional arrangement of furniture in the apartment leads to a wary attitude of the owners to any kind of experiments. A different scenario causes rejection and reluctance to change anything, even if it helps make the room more cozy, functional and comfortable. This approach isn’t justified. For example, the sofa can stand against the wall, leaving a void in the space. The standard position of the furniture and the remaining space and make the room uncomfortable, especially if it’s large enough.

Use the sofa to zone the space. Think about the zone of rest, including elements such as a pouf or a coffee table, around which it’s acceptable to concentrate all the other items. Don’t forget about such little things as a convenient location of overlapping furniture. A reading chair should be next to a rack of books, and a tea table not far from the sofa.

Lack of Plants

Indoor plants are a double blow to the discomfort of any space. Their green coloring is beneficial to a person’s emotional state, and their aesthetic decorative qualities affect the overall appearance of the interior.

Flowers in the apartment are a simple and stylish solution. Even 1-2 little vases significantly change the situation for the better. Plants are chosen depending on the functional affiliation of the room.

If you don’t have time to take care of live plantings, pay attention to artificial ones. You can buy stylish options in stores that are very difficult to distinguish from fresh flowers. They will help successfully fill in empty corners, bringing coziness to the room.

Dim Lighting

There are situations where during the day the living room looks cozy and friendly, but with the onset of dusk and the inclusion of artificial light, it’s significantly gloomy. The reason for this is insufficient and dim light. To solve the problem it will be enough to screw more powerful lamps into the lighting equipment.

To create a more cozy atmosphere it is recommended to place additional pendant lights over the table, bedside lamps on bedside tables or even a floor lamp next to the chair.


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