Tackling the Top 10 Common Snagging Issues in Your Moving Journey

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Most Dubai property tenants fail to inspect the home before renting or moving in, which leads to problems and high maintenance costs. After payment, it’s hard to haggle with the landlord or convince them to fix anything.

After moving out, landlords often shame tenants for not keeping the place clean. No one will listen to tenants who say they met the unit in a condition that worsened since they have no proof. Thus, they must suffer the consequences. Before moving in or out, hire a property inspection company to assess your apartment or villa to avoid such headaches and money loss.

Let’s start with this region’s various move-in/move-out challenges. Some may seem trivial to tenants, but neglect can lead to major issues.

Luckily, this blog post will clarify what a move-in / move-out inspection is, some of the most typical Dubai issues, and why hiring the best snagging company is vital.

A move-in/move-out inspection?

Before the renter moves in, the unit is inspected for condition. After that, the landlord will require a security deposit for further damages. In contrast, a move-out inspection checks the flat for tenant-caused damage. In order to minimize landlord-tenant disputes and establish if the security deposit will be deducted, these checks are usually done.

Top 10 move-in/move-out difficulties.

Most tenants make sure an apartment is in decent condition before moving in, but they’re discouraged by non-apparent concerns. They may miss these move-in and move-out difficulties without a professional inspection.

  • Damaged walls and floors are regular tenant complaints. Damaged floors include shattered tiles and stains that don’t come off after cleaning, and walls peel off and don’t retain paints.
  • Leaks, flooding, and dampness. This risk is neglected since most tenants don’t examine the plumbing before moving in. Leakages generate damp floors and ceilings, which disrupts renters’ comfort. Leaky faucets, clogged kitchen and bathroom drains, and water heater and pipe leaks are other difficulties.
  • Electrical problems can cause electrocution, sparks, and fires. Check for broken light bulbs, flashing light bulbs, power switches, and wiring. It’s a common tenant issue. Faulty wiring causes most electrical difficulties, which most tenants don’t find by inspecting the unit.
  • Window/door lock damage. Many residences have malfunctioning door and window locks, damaged doors and windows, and faulty doorknobs due to improper move-in inspection.
  • Smelly drains and sewers. Smelly kitchen and bathroom sinks are another typical complaint.
  • Pesty cabinets and drawers. Cupboards, cupboards, and drawers are usually infested with vermin that move swiftly to neighboring areas. This is another concern most tenants experience when moving in.
  • Renters sometimes neglect to clean out the basement or other storage rooms while leaving an apartment. They typically leave these unclean and full of stolen stuff. Sometimes tenants don’t receive their security deposits back.
  • Another prevalent concern is A/C maintenance. Air conditioning that hasn’t been serviced 3-4 times a year won’t perform well. A/C compressor failures are the most prevalent and costly issues. Since tenants won’t test the A/C beforehand, these concerns are generally ignored.
  • Most tenants forget to check the taps for running water upon moving in. Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) has confirmed that DEWA tap water is safe to drink, but the problem is with the buildings’ water tanks and pipelines. Dirty water tanks can contaminate water with germs and dirt. DEWA requires water tanks to be cleaned annually but recommended every three months for safety.
  • Moving into a villa or townhouse can potentially cause pool heater or chiller troubles. To avoid electric shock in the pool, ensure that your pool heater or chiller is properly linked to the power source and has no broken wiring. Faulty pool pumps, plumbing valves, or temperature controls might cause problems. Pools often make tenants think they have good working circumstances, although they don’t. Check before moving in.

Why is Snagging important?

The snagging is meant to prevent landlord-tenant problems. Lack of property condition paperwork before move-in and move-out causes disputes.

Other than this, improper move-in and move-out inspections may make tenants unhappy and waste their money.

The move-in/move-out inspection lets tenants and landlords agree on the security deposit and eliminate any return danger.


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