Is TikTok or Instagram Better for Small & Medium Businesses?

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Almost everyone knows how important social media is when it comes to running a business. These platforms are necessary for gaining new customers, increasing brand awareness and creating unique content to pique the interest of consumers. However, some social media platforms are better than others for certain purposes. Instagram and TikTok are major competing platforms that offer similar and different features which are helpful for small businesses. But which one is the best? We spoke to entrepreneurs who deal with business related social media and asked for their expert opinion.

TikTok is a majorly trending platform that allows for more creativity when it comes to the content that is produced. Tim Woda of White Peak believes that it’s the best platform for any small business. “TikTok is popular for a reason. Everyone of all ages is using this app because of how entertaining it is, and how quickly it can increase your interest. Businesses that use TikTok are able to make unique video content which increases interactions between customer and business more so than pictures of text. Instagram has tried to dip into this type of content with Reels, but it just doesn’t have the same effect.”

Although each platform can offer video content, TikTok just does it differently. “The editing style for TikTok is unique, and they encourage you to make short videos for the benefit of your viewer. You are forced to make your video interesting from the get go which is helpful when you’re a small business trying to widen your audience. You also have a better chance at creating strong connections between you and your customer when you create more vulnerable or behind the scenes content. A video is more personable because you are talking with your audience. It can feel more authentic to your customers which is an important factor when it comes to operating a small or medium sized business.”

Arif Mughal of Luxe Watches agrees, but also points out the simplicity of Instagram. “TikTok is having a moment, like any other trending platform. It’s fun and unique and can reach a large audience. However, Instagram remains to be one of the most useful platforms for small businesses. Instagram gives businesses a chance to build up their brand and have multiple ways to create content. Whether it be a video, picture, text or stories, there is simply more you can do with Instagram. And if you have an eCommerce business, you have the opportunity to use Instagram as a selling platform which helps to increase your sales.

I find TikTok is too focused on making your videos go viral instead of focusing on generating leads. Instagram makes it easier to be consistent with your content and be able to change things up without relying too much on having to always have a video that will generate a lot of interaction. Instagram is a little less maintenance which is helpful for a small business, especially just starting out.”

TikTok and Instagram both have their perks, but in the end it’s also important to consider what type of business you have, and what kind of content you have time for. Videos can take a lot more work, but they can help you to build stronger relationships which is important for things like customer loyalty. It can help to start with one and see where it takes you before jumping into multiple platforms all at once.


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