How to Repair PST Files Without SCANPST?

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Is your Outlook PST file experiencing corruption or causing problems? No need to worry! Although SCANPST is widely used for repairing PST files it is not always foolproof. However there’s no need to panic because we’re here to assist you in exploring methods that can effectively repair your PST files without SCANPST.

In this post we will discuss some approaches that can be useful when dealing with inaccessible PST files. From creating a PST and transferring the contents from the one to utilizing specialized software such as Stellar Repair for Outlook we have you covered. So let’s delve into the topic and learn how to restore your Outlook functionality without depending on SCANPST!

Understanding SCANPST and Its Limitations

SCANPST is a tool provided by Microsoft Outlook for repairing corrupted or damaged PST files. It is designed to scan and resolve any issues within the file structure. While SCANPST can be beneficial, in scenarios it does have its limitations.

SCANPST has a size restriction when it comes to repairing PST files. If your file exceeds a size limit ( 2GB) SCANPST may not be able to effectively handle the repair process.

Furthermore SCANPST may not always detect all types of corruption within the PST file. The main focus is on addressing problems. It’s important not to overlook other types of corruption like data loss or missing attachments.

Moreover, using SCANPST can be time consuming and complicated. The tool requires intervention and users have to follow steps to initiate the repair process correctly.

Additionally there is no guarantee that using SCANPST will completely restore all your data from a corrupted PST file. In situations you may still encounter data loss or errors after running the tool.

Given these limitations of SCANPST it becomes crucial to explore approaches for repairing PST files that offer reliable outcomes and efficient recovery options.

Alternative Method 1; Creating a PST and Copying Contents from the Old PST

One of the alternatives for repairing PST files without relying on SCANPST is by creating a PST file and transferring the contents from the old one. This method can be helpful when your original PST file is corrupt or damaged.

To begin, open Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Then navigate to “File” in the menu. Choose “New ” followed by “Outlook Data File.”

Select the desired location, for saving the PST file and assign it a name.After you have created it the new empty PST file will be visible, in your Outlooks folder list.

Next simply copy all the folders and items from your PST file that’s corrupt or damaged into this newly created one. You can do this by selecting each folder/item in your PST file right clicking on it and choosing the “Copy” option. Then navigate to the PST file and select “Paste”.

By following these steps you will successfully create an Outlook data file (PST) while preserving all important emails, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, etc. from your previous corrupted/damaged one.

Remember to make copies of any corrupt or damaged PST files before attempting any repair methods as an additional safety measure.

Method 2; Restore and Import PST File into Outlook, Locate and Delete Infected Mail

Another approach, to repairing PST files without using SCANPST is to restore the damaged PST file. Then import it into Outlook. This method can help you locate and delete any mail that may be causing issues in your Outlook.

To begin with this method you will need to find a backup of your PST file. If you make it a habit to consistently create copies of your data there’s a probability that you have a recent version securely stored somewhere.

Once you locate the file, restore it back to its location on your computer. After that, open Microsoft Outlook. Navigate to “File” > “Open & Export” > “Import/Export”. Opt for the option labeled “Import from another program or file”. Click on “Next”.

Choose the option for “Outlook Data File (.pst)”. Then search for the restored file. Make sure to select the setting that permits duplicates during the import process.

Continue with the import procedure until all folders are successfully brought into Outlook. Now comes a crucial step. Examine each folder for any infected emails. If you encounter any emails promptly delete them.

By following this approach you can effectively repair your PST files without having to rely on the SCANPST tool. Just remember to back up your data as it can prove invaluable in situations like these!

Method 3; Utilize a Dedicated PST Repair Tool

If previous methods haven’t yielded results or if you prefer a more automated solution consider using a specialized PST repair utility as an alternative option.

These tools are designed specifically for detecting and fixing damaged PST files without relying on SCANPST. One notable tool is Stellar Repair, for Outlook.

Stellar Repair for Outlook is a software that effectively repairs and restores corrupted or inaccessible PST files. It utilizes scanning algorithms to analyze the files structure and extract all recoverable data, including emails, contacts, calendar entries, attachments and more.

To use Stellar Repair for Outlook;

  1. Download. Install the software on your computer.
  2. Open the program. Click on “Select File” to choose the PST file you wish to repair.
  3. Select the scanning mode based on the level of corruption. Quick Scan or Deep Scan.
  4. Initiate the scanning process by clicking on “Repair.”
  5. Once completed preview all repaired items in a tree structure within the software interface.
  6. Choose items you want to save or click on “Save Repaired File” to create a healthy PST file containing everything.
  7. Select your desired location, for saving the file and click “OK.”Stellar Repair, for Outlook also provides the option to split PST files while saving them ensuring that your Outlook application performs optimally with a substantial amount of data.

In conclusion 

Although SCANPST is a built in tool for fixing issues with Outlooks PST files it does have limitations when it comes to severe corruption cases. Fortunately there are methods such as creating a new PST file and transferring contents from the old one restoring and importing infected emails into Outlook while manually deleting them if needed. Additionally third party tools like Stellar Repair for Outlook offer capabilities in repairing corrupt PST files.


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