Helpful Tips for a Long Flight with a Baby

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Traveling with kids is hard, especially if you’re going on a flight. The reason is that it’s impossible to connect to the Internet so that children cannot watch their favorite cartoons and their parents cannot play a teen patti live game. But there are other ways to entertain kids on a plane. 

Plan Your Flights According to Your Child’s Sleep Schedule

Preparing for a long flight with children begins when you book tickets. When you choose which flight to take, try to arrange it close to your children’s bedtime. This should help them sleep through most of the flight and help you think less about entertaining the little ones. Even if your child only sleeps five or six hours during the night, it will still bring you closer to your destination peacefully.

Plan an Entertainment Strategy

Besides the standard set of a tablet with a bunch of apps and downloaded cartoons, you should be concerned about a couple of other things. First, it’s worth checking with the airline beforehand to see if they offer any extras for children on board. For example, Emirates has small stuffed animals, as well as kits with fold-out world maps, travel magazines, plastic drink bottles, postcards with facts about the world, and educational books to keep kids occupied throughout the flight. Research the airline’s multimedia offerings during the flight in advance to eliminate the option of your child getting bored with everything you downloaded to their home device. Second, you don’t need to depend solely on games or videos. Pack a small puzzle, coloring book or interactive toy in your carry-on luggage in advance and use the time between screenings to try some of these things. Third, leave one toy at the bottom of your carry-on and don’t show it at home to give to your child mid-flight. This kind of surprise will keep your little one occupied for longer than any of their old toys.

Dress Comfortably on the Plane

Dress yourself and your little traveler as comfortably as possible, it’s the key to your comfort and peace of mind. It’s best to choose a tracksuit and light shoes without laces – so you and your child will be comfortable to move and nothing will stir anywhere. It’s better to refuse jewelry because at the inspection with a child you will obviously not have time to carefully remove them, and then put them on yourself without haste. Respect others, and if possible, don’t delay the queue. Expensive items should be left for a rest in the chosen place because everyone can get dirty or spill on the plane, and with a small child the risks increase threefold.

Take Snacks With You

Of course you don’t need to pack as if you were going to the wilderness, and take with you a whole fridge. Your goal is a strategic food supply that can keep your child happy and be a substitute for airline food in case of emergency. After all, meals on the plane, especially in economy class, may not be the most appetizing, so it’s very likely that the child will simply refuse to eat. Therefore, it’s important to take a lot of snacks with you. Although baby food is served on a priority basis, you can be sure that your baby will be hungry before any food is even offered on board. Take small crackers, sliced fruits and vegetables, muffins, and packets of baby food. 

Don’t Choose Seats at the Back of the Plane or at the Emergency Exit

Make sure you and your children are comfortable by choosing the right seat for a long flight on the airline’s website. Agree that it’s better to pay a little more and not suffer from inconvenience. Don’t choose seats near the emergency exit and at the end of the plane. There is often less leg room and you cannot change the position of the seats. And yet having extra space for activities and the opportunity to make the child more comfortable during a long flight is useful. Try to sit in the front row so that your child can sit on the floor and play without kicking anyone’s seat.

Set Yourself up Positively

Your baby’s behavior on the flight depends a lot on mom’s mood. If you treat the trip as a fatal, inevitable disaster, it will pass this way. Try to set up the whole family for the same enjoyable and interesting time together, as always, only on the plane. Then all the best practices will work, too. And count your strength for the flight. If you realize that you’re completely exhausted and you don’t have the resources for such a trip, it’s better to choose another option for vacation or transportation.


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