Fear of God Essentials

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Fear of God is an American fashion brand that launched in 2013 and has since grown into a global fashion brand with its Essentials line. The brand, which has over 1.7 million Instagram followers, is known for its denim jeans, which sell for up to a thousand dollars. The company also has a capsule collection for women called Essentials, which is made with quality materials and is affordable for all types of budgets.

The collection has been designed with the same attention to quality fabrication and understated silhouettes as the rest of the Fear of God line. The products are easy-to-style, wardrobe staples in muted hues and minimal branding. Fear of God is also known for their sportswear apparel, including tees that are versatile enough to be worn to game day.

The brand’s Essentials line offers a diverse range of items, including sweatshirts, knits, jackets, and track pants. Essentials is Fear of God’s most comprehensive collection yet. The brand has designed modern clothing in neutral tones that are versatile and edgy. This line also offers a variety of accessories and footwear styles.

The brand’s Essentials line is geared towards younger audiences. The products are manufactured overseas, but still maintain a high level of quality. This is an important factor to note since Fear of God is an upscale brand and not a mass market brand.


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