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You can open any type of openable window in either half. Nothing preventing you from, say, having a browser in one half and a word processing document in the other. Just close one of the windows (“x” out of it) and maximize the remaining one. What I like about the “grab and move” approach is you really get a chance to place the window where you like.

Even Windows 11 does the same, but with added productivity-first features like Snap Layouts. Windows 10 users can use Snap Assist to work on split screen mode. It supports dragging the window to one side of the screen to snap on it and lets you snap other apps in the remaining space. Make sure to open the programs that you want to use on split screen and follow the steps. If you know how to split screen in Windows 10, you can multitask and improve your productivity by putting less time into changing applications. Windows OS allows you to split the screen into 2,3, and 4 this parts using mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

How to Reset Forgotten Password in Windows 10

If you want to jettison your data and install a new copy of Windows 10, this approach will handle the task. An email has been sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password. Under Recovery, you’ll see an option ‘Reset this PC’. Click Get Started to begin with the process.

  • Now select Multitasking from the left pane and enable the toggle for Snap windows.
  • Please click on the appropriate one for your version of Windows.
  • There are two ways to perform a factory reset—Using a Bootable Media or Recovery Partition.
  • He checked his software, hardware, hell, even his intricate wirings and everything and found nothing.

But you can open programs here even if they’re running on another desktop. Virtual desktops allow you to have multiple desktop interfaces on your computer, and switch between them in an instant. It’s a bit like having multiple monitors to separate app windows, but you can create many desktops and keep multiple copies of apps open. For the quickest solution, drag a window’s title bar against one side of your desktop; when your mouse pointer touches the desktop’s edge, let go of the mouse button.

Customize grids with a third-party app in Windows 10

Ideally, you have a large monitor so both screens have plenty of space to display the content. While this works on a small monitor, viewing content on a small split screen is often difficult. Wide screens are ideal for the split screen view. In order to run a split screen, you must first have two applications open and running. They do not need to be the same applications.

How to Split Screen on Windows 11 (3 Methods)

Developers, when given more than one screen, can overcome the limitations of split screen, particularly when not having to worry about the “focus” while typing commands. They also save time since they “don’t have to toggle back and forth.” One screen can be dedicated for testing the application being developed. The split screen technique can also be used to run two instances of an application, possibly with another user interacting with the other instance. In contrast to the above fixed position split screens, Windows Explorer has a mix of fixed and variable display sections. Now you can see that both windows are on one screen side by side.


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