A Guide To Re-Registering Your Bike In India

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Vehicle registration in India involves adding a specific person’s name to the vehicle’s record, a legal requirement upon purchase. Operating an unregistered vehicle in India is illegal. Thanks to the “Digital India” initiative, the process has become much more efficient through the official website “Vahan,” making it straightforward and hassle-free. Once registered and you have obtained your bike insurance, such as a Bajaj Allianz motorbike insurance, you have legal permission to drive the vehicle anywhere in India.

How Do I Register My Bike?

Vehicle registration officially links your bike to you through a unique identification number on a license plate. It’s essential for preventing illegal activities and obtaining valid Bajaj Allianz bike insurance coverage. You can now easily buy bike insurance online in a hassle-free manner.

According to Section 39A of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, a vehicle can only be driven on public roads after proper registration, making the registration certificate a crucial legal document. Make sure that you have followed the process of Bajaj Allianz general insurance bike 

renewal on time. *

What Is A Vehicle’s Re-Registration?

Situation 1: According to the Central Motor Vehicles Act, all private vehicles must be reregistered after 15 years from the initial registration date. After that, the registration is renewed every five years until the RTO deems the bike safe and suitable for use on Indian roads.

Situation 2: If you relocate your vehicle from one state to another, you must re-register it. According to the law, if a motor vehicle registered in one state is present in another for more than a year for any legal reason, you must transfer your bike to the new state and RE-register it. There is no need to re-register your vehicle if you visit another state for 12 months or less. If your stay is over 12 months, you must apply for a Transfer and Re-Registration.

The Process For Renewing A Vehicle’s Registration

Situation 1: You must submit an application form to re-register your bike after the initial registration period of 15 years. Your vehicle must be inspected at the RTO and pay the required fee. The RTO will be able to issue a new Registration Certificate or RC once the bike has been examined and all other documents have been verified. The RTO must receive the following documents to renew a vehicle’s registration:

  • Completed Form Number 25 (request for registration renewal) 
  • Original registration certificate
  • Engine chassis number
  • A current Pollution Under Control Certificate or the vehicle’s PUC 
  • Bajaj Allianz bike insurance certificate

Situation 2: When transferring your registration from one state to another, you must pay close attention to the following two crucial factors:

  • Position About Vehicle Hypothecation: If the vehicle had been financed and the financer had made hypothecation on the registration certificate. Obtaining the No Objection Certificate, or NOC, from the appropriate financier is necessary in advance so that you can easily register your vehicle in the other required state.
  • Road Tax: If you transfer a vehicle from one state to another, you may be required to pay the new state’s road tax at depreciated value.

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