7-Step Guide for Hosting a Memorable Bridal Shower

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Planning a bridal shower for your best friend can be a fun and fulfilling way to celebrate her upcoming wedding and show her how much she means to you. From selecting the perfect theme and venue to organizing fun activities, thoughtful planning can make the event truly special for the bride-to-be. 

In this article, we’ll give you step-by-step directions for hosting a memorable bridal shower. 

Create a budget 

Before you get down to planning the bridal shower, establish a budget to have a realistic idea about what you can and can’t arrange. This should cover the cost of food, drinks, decor, venue, rentals, photography, and fees of any other vendors.

Managing all these expenses will get overwhelming for one person, so do consider asking the other bridesmaids or family members to pitch in where possible. This way you’ll be able to organize the kind of shower the bride-to-be wants, who will feel extra special to know that so many people wanted to give her the bridal shower of her dreams.

Choose a theme that resonates with the bride

Think about the lady of the hour; what are her likes and dislikes, hobbies, preferences, and the things that she’s passionate about? This will help you get an idea about the theme you should choose for her bridal shower, which will in turn decide the menu, location, and decor for the event. If she’s an avid traveler, you can arrange decorations inspired by the different countries she has visited or dreams of visiting.

Select a venue

Choosing the perfect venue for a bridal shower involves several factors, including, of course, the bride’s preferences and the overall theme of the event. Consider whether she would prefer the shower to be at her favorite restaurant or a more relaxed atmosphere such as a garden. 

The size of the guest list will also influence your choice; select a venue that can comfortably accommodate all attendees. You might want to host it in your backyard, but if the bride has a large social circle, you should look for a larger venue like a hotel, resort, beach, or winery depending on the bride’s preferences. 

You can even rent an Airbnb if you’re looking to arrange a weekend getaway for the bridal party. In this scenario, make sure to book the venue well in advance.

Plan the Menu

Next up, you have to decide the food and drinks to serve at the event. A good menu will make the shower memorable; the way to everyone’s heart is through their stomachs! 

Here is a list of things you should note while deciding on the menu: 

  • The size of the guest list
  • Dietary restrictions or allergies of any of the guests.
  • Any special requests from the bride.
  • The theme and time of day.  For example, if it’s a brunch-themed shower, consider serving breakfast items like pastries, quiches, and mimosas. 

Arrange the décor

Hiring an event planner for the bridal shower might be more convenient, but doing your own decorations is much more enjoyable and budget-friendly. The host and anyone else contributing can make DIY decorations, use stuff they already have (like artificial flowers), or go shopping for balloons and other decorations from a nearby stationary or dollar store.

Try to incorporate the kinds of personal touches the bride would love, whether you’re following a theme or not. 

Plan Activities and Games

Playing games is a great way to break the ice between the guests, especially if they are unfamiliar with each other, and have a memorable time in the shower. Some examples of games and activities that you can conduct include:

  • Bridal bingo. 
  • Trivia quizzes about the couple.
  • A photo booth with fun props.

Design and send out invitations

You don’t have to use store-bought invitations for the bridal shower. Using online graphic design tools such as PosterMyWall, you can design the invites for the bridal shower yourself without having any prior design experience or skills. Just browse through bridal shower invitation templates, select the one that matches the theme of the event or the bride’s personal style, and customize it to include the event’s details. Then you can get them printed or send the digital versions to guests. 

Before sending out the invites, have the bride double-check and approve the list. Then distribute them ASAP so that people can make it to the shower and buy gifts. We recommend sending out the invites four to six weeks before the shower date.

Final thoughts

By incorporating elements that resonate with the bride-to-be, whether it’s her favorite foods, activities she enjoys, or a theme that holds special meaning, you can host a bridal shower that your friend and the guests will cherish forever. Remember to involve other close friends and family members in the planning process to share ideas and responsibilities, making the celebration a collective effort filled with love and excitement. 



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