How To Experiment And Find The Right Vape For Your Needs

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There’s such a wide choice when it comes to vaping nowadays, that knowing what to choose to suit your needs can be frustratingly complex; the more so if you’re new to vaping. 

From which flavour of liquid to choose from Wildfire Vape, to which type of device, to help make the dazzling array of options a little clearer, here are some tips for finding the right vape for your needs:

  • Consider whether disposable vapes might be best to begin with

Perfect for anyone new to vaping, disposable vapes are virtually maintenance-free and incredibly simple to use. Simply choose one with a flavour you want to try, and get vaping! These are a great way of experimenting with flavours in particular, and can help you determine at a relatively low cost, whether vaping is right for you. 

  • Think about investing in a pod system

Small and compact, not to mention simple to use, pod systems are a great choice for vaping novices or anyone searching for a convenient method of vaping. Holding refillable pods (meaning you’ll need to purchase the e-liquids separately), and pocket-sized, pod systems have either built-in or removable batteries, and vary in price from brand to brand. 

  • Know what coil your vape should have

Measured in ohms, the lower the resistance of a coil in a vaping system, the more power will be needed to get the coil up to temperature. Coils with a lower resistance typically produce bigger clouds of vapour, but that also means that they use up more of the battery. It’s important also to note the type of wire used within the coil, as this can have a direct impact on the resistance of the coil, and the amount of heat needed to bring it up to temperature. 

Make sure also to check that the coil you’ve chosen is compatible with your vaping device in terms of wattage. 

  • Go through the many different flavour profiles

Whether you’re a fan of minty flavours, or prefer fruity or sour tastes, there’s bound to be an e-liquid in a flavour you love, you just need to experiment to find it. Nowadays, disposable vapes come in many different flavour profiles, giving you the opportunity to test them all out, one at a time and at your convenience. Otherwise, simply start with an e-liquid in a smaller sized bottle that you think you’ll like, and test it out in your pod system. 

  • Determine whether you’re a fan of big vape clouds

Are you the type of vaper who likes to lose themselves in a huge cloud of ‘smoke,’ or do you prefer to vape more discreetly? If you’re a big cloud fan, a mod vape might be just what you’re looking for; they’re in-built with batteries and coils that are more powerful than regular vaping systems.

  • Carefully consider the e-liquid you use

Different types of vaping systems work better with different types of e-liquids, so do some research and ask around before investing in your vape juice. 

You should also think about how a vaping device feels in your hands, as if you’re going to be using them often, you don’t want them to be tricky to grip or uncomfortable to hold. Experimenting is by far the best way to discover what type of vaper you are, along with what device, flavour of liquid, and coil to use, and if you follow the tips listed above, you’ll easily find a vape that matches your needs exactly.



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