5 situations When you need a Divorce lawyer in Birmingham

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You are ready to initiate divorce proceedings in Birmingham. According to Alabama laws, you can go for a no-fault, uncontested divorce, provided there are no significant issues with your spouse and when they want the same things. However, not everyone’s circumstances are the same. In this post, we have enlisted five reasons when you should look for a divorce lawyer near me.

  • You don’t understand the legal process: Even when two spouses agree on most aspects, divorce is a legal process that requires significant work. Unless you consult an attorney, you may not know your rights or how to avoid common mistakes. The lawyer is also in charge of ensuring the paperwork is done right.
  • You have a minor child: Child support and child custody are two of the most common issues in divorces. Parents may separate, but protecting the child’s best interests should be their priority. If you and your spouse cannot agree on who the child should live with or how each person should contribute towards education and other expenses, get an attorney.
  • You need help with negotiation: Contested divorces can drag for months, and if your spouse is okay with mediation, you need an attorney who can negotiate for you. If the matter goes to court, the lawyer will fight for your rights and interests. Talking about things gets easier when you have legal expertise worth relying on.
  • You have significant assets: If you and your spouse own real estate properties and other assets, you should meet an attorney to ensure that you don’t compromise on what is rightfully yours. Also, not all assets are subject to division, and a lawyer can advise on all that. High-net divorces get complicated in no time.
  • You don’t know the dos and don’ts: Your lawyer may advise against dating someone publicly when you are going through a divorce, or they may have a few dos and don’ts that will help you get through the process sooner. If you are confused about the next steps, it is best to trust an attorney who has probably handled dozens of similar divorces in their practice.

Finally, get an attorney to understand the bigger picture. For instance, your lawyer can help you know whether your demands are justified and fruitful or whether you should keep the family home, which could become a liability for you in the long run. Meet a local lawyer in Birmingham and ensure you discuss every aspect without hiding facts.


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