4 Tips For A Smooth Trip With Your Pet Kitty

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Travel can be more fun and fulfilling when fur companions join in.

A fluffy furball may lift its right paw giving its consent to the trip but sharing the adventure with it can involve more preparation than you can imagine. At the same time, remember that every cat is an individual and has different traveling preferences.

Some cats can be adventurous, love water sports, hiking, road trips, and sightseeing, but others may like short, enjoyable trips, exploring new places, people, and cultures. Learn your cat’s taste before planning a trip so it is equally enjoyable for both of you.

Simultaneously, consider being equipped with pet insurance so your exploratory kitty is covered for basic health benefits during accidental injuries, specific illnesses, and medical emergencies. Cat insurance allows you to support your munchkin with the medical care it deserves during challenging times of health, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

In the meantime, read this article to learn a few tips for a smooth trip with your beloved kitty.

Tip #1: Is your cat in the mood for a vacation?


Ask yourself why you want to take your pet along. Is it because you will miss your kitty pie, or there will be none to care for until you return? Do you get anxious about your furry friend’s wellbeing when it is not around you?

Your stress is understandable, but you might want to ask yourself if your furball thinks going on a trip is an amazing idea. If your munchkin is often drawn to new environments, likes to meet new people, loves outdoor activities like camping, trekking, and a host of other things, then you should probably let it accompany you.

Tip #2: Plan a stress-free journey.

Decide on the type of transportation, how you wish to travel with your pet (having your pet in a crate, backpack, carrier, stroller, etc.), the number of breaks you want to take if it is a long way to the destination, the right carrier to shelter your pet if you need to travel by a flight at any point, and safety tools you may want to carry like a leash, life vest, shoes, sunglasses, etc.

Tip #3: Stock your cat’s bare essentials.

It is essential to have in a backpack all your cat might need during the trip. Purchasing supplies can be challenging if you don’t find the right stores and products in new places. So, consider stocking basic items before you venture out. Food, bottled water, toys, blankets, bed, carrier, enclosure, litter, litter box, collar, ID tag, leash, and harness are some things you should not skip packing.

Tip #4: Carry cat-calming products.

Flower essences, herbs, pheromone sprays, and anti-anxiety medications (vet recommended) are things that can come in handy to restore calm and peace to your furball. While toys, treats, and other things assure comfort and security, these products can help your cat stay less anxious while traveling.

Meet your vet for valuable advice that can help make the journey with your feline a happy and satisfying experience. Get your furball checked for health clearance so both of you can travel in peace, and also consider being prepared with pet insurance so your frisky pet has basic medical cover.

Cat insurance makes providing a kitty with timely medical assistance possible with comparatively less financial stress, which is more important while going on a vacation. So, why not contemplate purchasing a policy?


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